Family Feud

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Inevitably, we all have conflicts. Proverbs 27:17 says as iron sharpens iron so does a brother. It is natural that there will be some tension and rubbing but the problem comes when rubbing turns into stabbing. Much of the arguing we do has little to do with the real issue, until we have a family argument and it goes straight …

Sunday Service

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Hi HungryGen Family! Join us live or in-person this Sunday. 9 am Service – In-Person & Online – Family Service – Speaker: Pastor Vlad 11:30 am Service – In-Person & Online – Family Service – Speaker: Pastor Vlad To get the Zoom link go to and to get notifications when we go live on YouTube text HUNGRYGEN to 97000

5 Leadership Lessons

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We are called to walk worthy of the calling of God (Ephesians 4:1). God called us first to follow him, not to lead. Many times we forget that that’s our number one calling is to follow, not to lead. Better followers we become, better leaders we will be. Here are my few tips on how to become better leaders: 1. …

A Family’s Healing

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Originally from Fiji, the Uluibau family arrived to the United States in 2010. Though they were joyful of their new location, they were burdened with sadness because their son, having been diagnosed since birth, suffered from asthma.