God Will Make a Way

Vladimir Savchuk Blog 8 Comments

There is a natural fear which protects us from danger. There is also an unnatural fear which paralyzes us. It’s more than an emotion; it has spiritual forces behind it. And there is also a spiritual fear, the fear of God.  Fear has a way of changing our focus from God to the problems around us. Fear can change our …

Defeating the Idle Mind

Helena Landin Blog 1 Comment

The idle mind is becoming present in the time of staying home, it is important that we keep our eyes on God during this time and stay busy and mindful.

How to Take Your Church Online?

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If your church doesn’t include digital outreach as part of your overall strategy, you’re overlooking an important way to connect with your community. Every church knows outreach is an important part of fulfilling the Great Commission and necessary for growth. You probably have a top-notch church outreach strategy that includes time-tested methods like direct mail, invitation tools, and word of …

Quarantined but Not Bound!

Glenn Fink Blog 5 Comments

Imagine how the Apostle Paul must have felt: bound with iron manacles, he was imprisoned in a dungeon in a foreign country by his own people for the crime of preaching the Gospel. A Roman dungeon was a hole in the ground with a grate over the top. No one fed you unless the soldiers let your friends or family …

Rejection is Real

Diana Kasaev Blog 15 Comments

It’s not an accident that you stumbled upon this blog, I believe it was God. As you read, I ask that you be honest, open and allow God to do the work. I don’t know your story, your pain or struggle; But what I do know is despite our differences and all the things that set us apart, there is …

5 Leadership Lessons

Vladimir Savchuk Blog 4 Comments

We are called to walk worthy of the calling of God (Ephesians 4:1). God called us first to follow him, not to lead. Many times we forget that that’s our number one calling is to follow, not to lead. Better followers we become, better leaders we will be. Here are my few tips on how to become better leaders: 1. …

Grace is Greater Than Grind

Vladimir Savchuk Blog 5 Comments

Rest is a Person and his name is Jesus! True rest is found in Jesus and in his finished work on the cross. Rest is also a principle. Unfortunately at this time of age, we don’t seem to understand that very well. It seems that now people are proud of their lack of sleep; they brag about the amount of …

Prophecy for the Decade: Don’t Fear; Stay and Prosper

Glenn Fink Blog Leave a Comment

Wars, rumors of wars, Corona virus, economic woes, political uncertainty… all these things scream at us to act out of fear. I don’t know how many times God’s Word has told us, “do not fear,” but it’s a bunch, and it still applies. So in this blog post, I’m going to share a prophetic word that God has revealed to …

Hidden, but Not Forgotten

Alexandra Peiffer Blog 11 Comments

This blog is to encourage you in your seasons of rejection or sense of being overlooked. What you think may be a curse could actually be a blessing in your life. God has not forgotten about you.

14 Differences Between “Motivational Speaker” and “Bible Preacher”

Vladimir Savchuk Blog 4 Comments

Preaching is God’s appointed means of communicating the Gospel.  Jesus was a preacher and so was Paul.  Preaching has great power, potential, and capacity to bring about change in individuals, institutions, and societies. Preaching is one of the most effective ways of winning people to faith in Jesus Christ. Historically, preaching has become the principal means of leading, teaching, and …

Pursuing Purity

Genesis Sifuentez Blog 1 Comment

What is Purity? Let’s first talk about what purity is. Purity, in biblical language, is to be morally clean, without blemish. Purity is related to guiltless, blameless, or innocent. Most think the meaning of purity is about abstaining from sexual relations until marriage, which is true and very important, but there is so much more to purity overall than just …

6 Red Flags of Dating the Wrong Person

Vladimir Savchuk Blog 4 Comments

Timing is everything. If you pick an apple before it’s ripe it will be sour. The same apple, just a few months later, will be sweet. Timing makes a big difference.  Whenever I’m asked whether it is the right time for a person to start dating, my answer is usually the same.  If marriage is not an option for you …