Trinity of Fire

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God describes Himself as a consuming fire many places in the Bible, and we would do well to use the Bible’s own metaphors for Him. He knows how to describe Himself best.

Steps to a Joyful You

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It is your right as a child of God to take back everything the enemy has stolen from you. The fight for joy must be relentless.

Talk to the Holy Spirit

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You can’t have a friendship with someone you keep calling “it”. Many people don’t have fellowship with the Holy Spirit because they view the Holy Spirit as a force instead of a friend. They see him as a power, not as a person.

The Treasure

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How much did God pay for you? Doesn’t He know what you’re worth? Do you think He would have paid such a crazy high price for you if there were any other way?

What Spirit Controls You?

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I was a preacher’s kid, and when my Dad went somewhere new, he always preached a stock sermon. I must have heard them all a hundred times. One sermon I will never forget was on living in the Spirit from Ephesians 5. When he got to verse 18, my childish ears would always perk up because I knew he was …

Why We Decided to Reopen HungryGen

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After two months of being closed, due to the Coronavirus, our church is reopening. Here is why: 1. The Trump administration guidelines for “Opening Up America Again” outline three phases for states to gradually ease their lockdowns. Phase 1 set the target date of May 1 to systematically reopen the nation, but some states may be able to reopen earlier. Phase …

Grow Deeper

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Remember the story of the two men who were building a house? One built his house on sand. He didn’t do anything wrong; he was not called a sinner or wicked, but he was called foolish. Another man built his house on the rock. His foundation, which was invisible to the public, was deep and strong. In fact, the whole …


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The devil used sin to bring suffering. God used the suffering of Jesus to bring salvation to mankind.

Who’s Your Daddy?

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One of my favorite memes about 2020 is that the events have played out like a story written by a 4th grader: “There was this virus. And everyone was scared. And then the world ran out of toilet paper, yeah, and then there was no school for like a month and then it snowed! But the craziness didn’t stop there: …

Posture in the Process

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Remember when you were younger and your mom would always tell you “sit up right” or to “straighten out your back”? In her eyes that was our mom’s way of loving us, so we didn’t struggle with future back pain. Are we properly positioned to take on God’s purpose for us? In today’s society, most of us struggle with spiritual …

The Obedient Mother

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Balance does not mean you have it all together and everything is perfectly aligned. Balance means you are operating out of a place of contentment, not from chaos.