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Out of Comfort

We don’t grow when we’re comfortable 👀 Matt Cruz brings a powerful word of getting out of “Comfort Zone Christianity.”

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Praying Church

Corey Russell from Upperroom shares a beautiful sermon about the rise of a Praying Church. Long gone are the days

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What Should I Do?

Pastor Vlad continues the sermon series “Towels & Titles” where he speaks a practical message on how to begin to

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Grateful Heart

Pastor Martin shared about what it is for us to live a life that has a healthy heart, a grateful

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Путь к Свободе

Пастор Влад сказал очень сильное слово в церкви Живой Поток, Jacksonville FL о том как найти свободу Боге из истории

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Armor of God

Pastor Vlad preached a powerful message at Because Jesus in Bellevue WA about the armor of God. God gives us

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Pablo Cuevas shared a messaged about influence. We all have something within us that can change the world but only

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