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Leave it Behind

What You NEED To LEAVE BEHIND In 2021! As the new year approaches, people are making new year resolutions, reflecting

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Do What You Can

The harvest is plentiful and the Kingdom of God is in need of laborers. All believers are called to labor

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Rest in Jesus

What does it mean to truly “rest” in God’s presence? Adrian answers this question and paints a beautiful picture of

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Accept Your Reality

There are TWO realities in life: the spiritual and the physical. Your spiritual reality has the power to change your

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Mary Before Martha

It’s not about Mary VERSUS Martha. It’s about being Mary BEFORE Martha. What does that mean? It means you first

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Out of Comfort

We don’t grow when we’re comfortable 👀 Matt Cruz brings a powerful word of getting out of “Comfort Zone Christianity.”

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Holy Addiction

Many are addicted to anything expect Jesus. Jesus is the ONLY one who will ever truly satisfy your heart –

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