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Never Alone

You are never alone! Learn the reality of the omnipresence of God in this message!

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Christian Wellness

As Christians we have to defend our health against the enemy! In this message Everett Roeth explains the practical steps

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Life in Death

Have you ever wondered why the Christian Life seems impossible to live out successfully? In this message Pastor Vlad confronts

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Catch the Vision

Jesus has a heart for the lost! In this message Bishop Oriel explains the true importance of aligning ourselves with

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God in You

Jesus died for your sins, with your sin but also gave His life. Now His life can be given to

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The Living Dead

Can you truly be delivered from sin? Check out this message as Pastor Vlad explains the realities of the sin

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Featured image for 'God in a Cradle'
Featured image for 'Don’t Die Like a Fool'
Featured image for 'The End of the World'
Featured image for 'Build a Godly Home'

Build a Godly Home

Family was God’s idea and creation. What foundation is your family built on? It’s important to build upon a firm

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